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Jennifer Molski-Paramedic

Jenn has been serving Full Time since 2011  She became an EMT in 2006 and became a paramedic in 2009.  She resides in Hanover Township Pa, Jennifer likes helping people and learining new things everyday. She is also a Dalllas Cowboys fan which we don't hold against her too much!


Tim Saltz-Paramedic

Tim started with us in 2015 as an EMT, he became an EMT in 2012 and went on to become a paramedic in 2017.   He currently serves as a Part-Time Paramedic. Tim resides in Kingston. He enjoys working in EMS because he likes helping the community. Tim is also a volunteer EMT/Firefighter for Ashley.


Jess Cromer-Paramedic

Jess Started with us in 2009 as an EMT, she became an EMT in 2008 and went on to become a paramedic in 2012.   She currently serves as a Full-Time Paramedic. Jess resides in Hanover Twp. and enjoys helping others and being part of our work family.


Liz Zakarauskas-Paramedic

Liz Has been Serving since 2017

She became an EMT in 2015 and became a paramedic in 2017. We met Liz and hired her during her Paramedic Clinical with us when we saw what a compassionate and hard worker she is. She resides in Dallas Pa, and enjoys EMS because of the constant challenge of something new every time a call comes in. 


Jessica Nalbone-Paramedic

Jessica has been serving since 2006  She became an EMT in 2004 and became a paramedic in 2005.  She resides in Nanticoke Pa, Jessica likes making a difference in someones life in their time of need. Jessica also serves as our Quality Assurance Director


Michael Nalbone-Paramedic

Michael started in Hanover Twp in 2013 as a Paramedic. Michael became an EMT in 2006 and a Paramedic in 2010, and resides in Wilkes-Barre Twp. Michael enjoys history, and ancient cultures, paintings, arts and music. He enjoys the everyday challenge from being an EMS provider.


Dustin Powis-Paramedic

Dustin started with us in 2015 as an Paramedic, he became an EMT in 2010 and went on to become a paramedic in 2015. He currently serves as a Part time paramedic. Dustin resides in Mountaintop. He enjoys working in EMS because he likes helping the community and being there for people in their darkest times. Dustin recently went to part-time as he was hired as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic in Kingston Borough. Dustin has a strong work ethic and is compassionate medical professional.


Keith Feschuk-Paramedic

Keith started in Hanover as a full time paramedic in 1998. He began his EMS career in 1993  as an EMT, and his paramedic cercertification in 1997. Keith currently resides in Plymouth  with his soon to be wife Danielle. Keith loves helping people in need. Keith is also the Chairman of the Thomas Gusher Jr Scholarship Fund.


Chris Roman-Paramedic

Chris started in Hanover as a full time paramedic in 2011, he started his EMS career in 2004 when he beame an EMT. In 2006 he furthered his educatiion becoming a paramedic. Chris currently resides in Dallas with his wife. Chris loves helping people in the community. He is die hard PSU fan and truly enjoys all sports.


Sarah Schultz-EMT

Sarah became and EMT in May of 2013, She started in Hanover in 2015 in a full time position. Sarah likes to travel and being a mom to her daughter. Sarah currently resides in Ashley


Justin Gildea-Paramedic

Justin became an EMT in 2010 and started with us full time not long after. he received his paramedic certification in 2011 where he continues full time employment with us. Justin now is part time and works full time as a firefighter in the City of Nanticoke.


William Fraser-EMT

Bill has been with the team since 2016 as a part-time EMT. Bill Currently resides in Mountaintop and serves as the ambulance Captain for Mountaintop Ambulance Association.