Our History

The Ambulance Association ran its first call on March 31, 1940 at 1:15 am. At that time, it was all volunteer and we responded to approximately 14 calls for service per month. In 1994, the Ambulance Association began implementing a paid staff to crew the ambulance. This guaranteed a crew when needed and reduced response times. From 1940 until 1998, the Ambulance Association provided Basic Life Support (BLS). When more life threatening calls were received, Paramedics had to be called from other agencies outside Hanover Twp. In 1998, The Association upgraded its level of service to Advanced Life Support (ALS). Now, the Ambulance Association could provide Paramedic Level Service without relying on an outside agency. We were given the designation “Medic 9,” which we still use today. Currently, the Association repsonds to over 450 calls for help monthly.